Winter Hair Care: How to Prevent Breakage

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As the temperature drops, humidity steadily diminishes with each day turning your healthy, shimmering curls into brittle, limp strands of hair.

The biting winter air is particularly drying, sucking the moisture out of your natural growing tresses. As a result, many natural sistas tirelessly toil during the winter months with maintaining moisture and stopping breakage in its tracks.

However, winter doesn’t have to be a bitter season for your curls if you winterize your natural hair regimen using these five simple tricks:

  1. Sport a protective hair style

A protective hair style is a natural girl’s best friend. Wigs, weaves, and braids protect your hair against the damaging effects of winter weather by keeping strands of your hair safely tucked away from dry air, preserving needed moisture. It is also gives your hair a break from over-manipulation. Pulling and tugging on your hair each day can result in loss of elasticity. Natural hair is very fragile; it flourishes when left in a resting state.

  1. Wash your hair less often

I know this sounds gross, but the chemicals in shampoos can be harsh on your hair, stripping your hair of its natural oils, like sebum. This can result in damaged ends and dull-looking strands of hair.

  1. Dry before you leave

Always, dry your hair before going outside. Leaving the house with wet hair during freezing temperatures can cause your hair to freeze and break off. Allowing your hair to air dry outside in the cold is not sustainable. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before you go outside, unless you want to look like Mr. Snow Miser.


  1. Trim and Seal your ends

Regularly trimming dry and brittle ends can help your hair remain healthy and prevent further ruptures from traveling up the hairshaft.  Schedule a trim every 12-16 weeks to keep your natural tresses strong. Sealing your ends with moisture is as equally important as trimming. Use nutrient-rich oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, black castor oil, and coconut oil to seal your ends.

  1. Use Less Heat

Heat is a natural girl’s greatest foe during the frosty winter months. Heated hair appliances such as flat irons and blow dryers reduce moisture retention and extract essential oils out of your hair. In the winter hair cannot drink in moisture from the atmosphere and rehydrate itself. Therefore, using excessive heat on your hair causes significant breakage, resulting in you looking parallel to Angelica’s doll Cynthia from the popular cartoon called Rugrats.



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