About Me

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My name is Au’Janae Roberts, your go-to-girl for natural hair tips and ultimate source for understanding how to keep your coiled tresses strong and healthy.

My natural hair journey began four years ago in the summer of 2011. At 17 years old I kissed my chemically relaxed hair goodbye and never looked back. After eight years of suffering the burning sensation of dangerous chemicals to beat my curls into submission, I finally accepted my natural hair.

Years of having relaxers applied incorrectly or left in my hair too long by a hairstylist resulted in damaged edges, split ends, and limp hair follicles. My hair was badly abused and mistreated, all to achieve and comply with European standards of beauty.

In society, straight hair is viewed as the epitome of beauty and my wavy curls did not align with the beauty ideal. However, in 2011 I began to notice an increasing number of black women wearing their natural hair in real life and on television. Everywhere I went–the mall, the grocery store, church—the majority of black women were sporting curly afros, twists, and coiled curls. I soon realized the thick, wavy, curls that grew out of my head was a beautiful, God-given gift. I fell in love with every curly strand of hair that was numbered and designed by God.

However, like any relationship, my love affair with my natural hair has hit many roadblocks.

I was incredibly frustrated with the constant shedding and breakage of my natural hair and deeply considered throwing in the towel.

Through trial and error, I’ve learned a lot of great tips on how to properly maintain healthy curls that I want to share with women transitioning into the natural hair community.

I am dedicated to inspiring black women to embrace the authentic identity of the hair God awarded them. God didn’t make any mistakes when He created kinky, curly tresses to sprout out of your head. Accept your crowning glory!

Today, I am a 21-year-old prospective graduate of the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas. I aspire to work as a reporter for a local television news station, giving a voice to underrepresented people in our society who have compelling stories to tell.

I have lived in almost every region of the U.S. and have moved more than 10 times due to corporate relocation with my father’s job.

In my free time, I love socializing with my mom, my older sister, and my three-year-old nephew (I’m very family oriented… if you couldn’t tell). My mother inspired me to go natural and has provided a lot of needed assistance in my journey.

When I’m not hanging out with my family, I am usually busy writing short stories, watching Netflix, volunteering in the community, catching up with friends or of course doing my hair while watching natural hair tutorials on YouTube.


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